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Store eliminates the pain of costly inefficient markdowns.

Try now our patented AI-powered solution for profitable and sustainable supermarkets with zero IT integration required

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How it works?
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With which products does it works?
Store works with all fresh products, including meats, dairy, prepared meals, salads, frozen products, and any other product that has high waste risk.
How long does it takes to go live?
Usually it takes 2 to 3 weeks to go fully live and start seeing results in terms of revenues and waste.
Can consumers anticipate prices?
No! It's almost impossible as it's based on a sophisticated AI algorithm that takes into account hundreds of contextual variables in real time.
Who does the label sticking?
Usually store employees, but we can also provide our own staff if needed.
How many SKUs are usually covered?
There is no actual limit, although our customers usually cover between 50 to 500 fresh SKUs.
Are Electronic Shelf Labels mandatory?
ESLs are optional, and they allow an automatic way to display markdowns in real-time. Additionally, Store is already pre-integrated with several ESL brands in case you already have ESLs implemented.
How much does it costs?
We usually charge a monthly fee per SKU covered on each store. Prices depends on number of stores and SKUs. Contact us for more information.
OK, so how do I get started using Store?
Fill out the contact form and we will contact you with next steps to set-up Store and get started instantly.
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